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Pints with The Edge

For those interested, I will be DJing with a few other bloggers Monday night 5/23 at the secret U2 show hosted by the Tribeca Grand. I hope they don't expect us to use iPods because that is so 2004. I'm going to be bringing my stacks of wax so clean your styluses people. Wait, is that styli? Nevermind, I'll probably drop some killer Krautrock and maybe some dubplates I picked up in Kingston. Should be a night of wicked rekkids you've never heard of. Below is a track I've recently been killing it with lately, it may find it's way into my set or maybe not, can't tell, it's really up to my whims at that moment.

Can - Vitamin C (UNKLE Remix)
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UPDATE: Please stop e-mailing me with requests for guest list or a way to get in. It's not going to happen people