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Requesting Boredoms Ticket, Not Needed, but Desired

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to the blog and its readers. I put this up on Craigslist and thought I would mirror it on Miguel's site. I am on the lookout for one to two tickets for the Boredoms at Bowery Ballroom. I did not "space" on the presale, I simply assumed I would be on the guest list and in fact told the show's booker she could take me off as I would not be attending.

I have rethought my evening's plan and I am willing to work out a deal with someone whose aesthetic tastes approach or even rival my own.

Prior to the Boredom's show there will be a concrete poetry reading and pedal effects jam session at Thurston Moore's loft. I can bring one, and only ONE of you proles with me (in exchange for two tickets of course). Several luminaries will be in attendance, Lou Reed and Arto Lindsay (so sick of seeing those two), LaMonte Young's older, wiser, brother Phineas, semiotician Gilberto Egreyes, and that one creepy experimental filmmaker who always stares at his fingernail beds.

If an event like this is too much of a mindfuck for you, then I would consider trading you two rare Brazilian psych LPs for the tickets, but I'm going to guess the records I am willing to part with would be over your head.

If there are any ticket speculators out there who are only interested in filthy lucre, then I suppose I would consider something as crass as actually handing money over to see The Boredoms. It is important to note that I will only pay face value LESS Ticketweb's fees. I never pay fees or shipping and handling, nor do I pay to get in to most shows I go to.

If you want to do a deal, we should schedule a time to meet at my space in Bushwick. You will need to take the L train to Jefferson, but I am willing to walk to the Morgan Avenue station and meet you there if it helps.. I can be reached at my new blogging e-mail address of

For those of you not familiar with The Boredoms or Jim O'Rourke's early work, here are two MP3s (yuck) to acquaint you with their work:

Boredoms - Up Arrow (excerpt from Vision Creation Newsun)
You can buy it here

Gastr Del Sol - Our Exquisite Replica of Eternity
They also have this, natch