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Pete Doherty vs. Franz Ferdinand

A tiff between Pete Doherty and Franz Ferdinand has been recently reported on the newswires. It seems Pete has blasted FF for stealing the central riff of "Take Me Out" from none other than Ringo Starr and his 1972 hit "Back Off Boogaloo". When I first read this I was torn. I know where my allegiance lies, yet I have a Jellybean Magazine photo spread of Alex Kapranos taped up on my bedroom wall next to my Libertines collages. I decided to wade through Grandfather's comprehensive Beatles and Wings record collection to see if he had the song in question.

Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo
Find it Here

I am not going to post "Take Me Out" for comparison, as you can just see it in an advert if you watch enough telly. Alex, why have you done this to me? You would have made a perfectly capable fallback boyfriend, but now you have betrayed me. Oh, who am I kidding? I would have heard similarities even if Pete had directed us to a symphonic rendition of the Dr. Who theme. Pete, YOU AND YOUR POTENT SEED WILL SIRE A BROOD OF SHOCKHEADED BABIES WITH ME. DO NOT RESIST OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER.