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Last chance to see John Oswald's work closing on June 25th at the Jack Shainman Gallery (513 West 20th Street). "Imposition" is a group show of Oswald, Pascal Grandmaison, and the inimitable Michael Snow. Oswald's major contribution is "Instandstillnessence", a multichannel 60 foot wide video installation of ghostly bodies chronoptically mutating into a mass of humanity.

John Oswald - Way (backwards appropriation of The Beatles)
John Oswald - Brazilianaire's Theme (clever reworking of Jobim)
Buy Oswald's 69 Plunderphonics 96 here, seeing as Kim's got raided

I took the liberty of transcribing some gallery notes from the gallery:

"Echoing Snow's "Imposition" in its use of transparency and superficially the slow speed of Bill Viola's recent work and Grandmaison's "Running", Oswald's images are in fact extremely active, with thousands of independent minute variations per second. Depicting people of all ages and races in its wide panorama, the work unfolds to reveal its subjects at various moments clothed and unclothed, isolated or as part of a growing and ghostly crowd. The people in it do nothing and go nowhere, yet are constantly changing. This is a movie which never moves; a still unfrozen."

Link to a review of the piece in a separate installation in Montreal.
Read more about John Oswald here


In other news, a paparazzo from the Polaroid Scene (or whatever they call themselves these days) seems to have snapped a candid picture of me at the Diesel-U-Music awards. The camera really does add ten pounds, but I think this photog's technical skill is admirable and it's a worthy document of the scene I help nurture.