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Who was that silky voice behind Prefuse 73's "It's Crowded" on the Surrounded by Silence record? Who were those two women intertwining ethereal vocals around each other on "Pastel Assassins" of the very same album? The former was Claudia Deheza while the latter was Claudia joined by her twin sister Alejandra. Before joining Prefuse on his G8 style guest summit of the indie rock/rap world, the two sisters worked with Phillip Wann in the apparently now dormant On!Air!Library! I see a date with Interpol played last November, but no signs of activity since. One can only hope they are bunkered down penning another masterful shoegaze epic.

On!Air!Library! - Bread
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On!Air!Library! - Feb.
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Claudia follows up her colourful work with another Prefuse collaboration, this time on his recently released Prefuse 73 Reads The Books EP. DeHeza's plaintive singing anchors Prefuse's static laced banjoes and quantized beats on "Pagina Ocho", the closer track. There is good news in store for those looking forward to more collaboration, Prefuse has let slip that he is finishing up work on a full length with Claudia, which hopefully will appear by the end of the year.

Prefuse 73 and The Books - Pagina Ocho (with Claudia Deheza)