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Magik Markers at Central Park?

The upcoming Dinosaur Jr. show at
Summerstage has all the usual suspects opening up for them. Or does it?

Broken Social Scene? Well, they did open up for the Pixies in NYC this past December and they are critical darlings, so it makes some sense.

Radio 4? Possibly a bit of a stretch, but I don't think they will lose the crowd. Which reminds me, I've been to
Somethin' Else Records in Park Slope twice now, and each time a different member of Radio 4 has been working behind the register. Do these guys own the place or what? It's kind of hard to shake of accusations of being devout followers of The Clash when you run a store specializing in post-punk vinyl and British music magazines of the early '80s.

The real spanner in the works is Magik Markers, an ADD addled "noise" band hailing from the wilds of Connecticut. Thurston Moore is a fan (no great surprise here), also they were given The Wire treatment perhaps an issue or two ago. I believe I read in that very publication that J. Mascis is a fan. Their appearance then is no great shock, it just seems peculiar as Summerstage tends to draw an upbeat crowd gravitating to happier sounds. I'm not sure how their set will go down playing in direct sunlight, this may well be a first for them.

I cannot make it to the Dinosaur Jr. concert as I have an evening lecture to give at Columbia Thursday evening. For those attending who are curious about this band, I will edify you with a sample of their work. Also a
review, and concert photos here and here.

Magik Markers - You Killed Kimberly
Magik Markers Website