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Psychic Ills Demo

One day you will read about the band Psychic Ills. In the text of the blog entry, online review, or alt weekly article you will be reading, the name Kevin Shields will undoubtedly appear. Perhaps in this age of journalistic research via Google would-be authors looking to use such a simplistic X = Y comparison will first see this post I am writing and hold off, realizing that we have claimed squatter's rights on this lazy analogy, even if we are dismissing it.

The reason for the future use of this writer's crutch is that much like My Bloody Valentine, Psychic Ills smuggles a heavy, blissful core inside tattererd shrouds of fuzzed out muck, materializing and dissolving simultaneously. The coruscating guitars on this thing come off like a dragonflies' wings caught by a candle.

Psychic Ills - Another Day, Another Night
More about Psychic Ills at their label, The Social Registry