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The Rub Turns Three Years Old

Wow, it's been three years already? It seems just like yesterday those flyers started popping up on Fifth Avenue and Southpaw got juiced up with some much needed flavor. Don't know The Rub? No problem, these boys throw a positive family style party free of fashionistas, the white belt set, or any intimidating sneering peoples, all the while blending electro, early hip hop, Crunk musics, and hip-house. They hosted Hollertronix maybe a year back and damn near tore the roof off the place.

So where's the party at? Lower East Side? Nah. Williamsburg? HELL NO. It goes down in P-Slope, AKA Tha Dark Hope, AKA I Like to Get Schnizzy All Up in My Splizzy. Tomorrow night (Saturday) they're celebrating their 3rd anniversary, so get your dancing shoes on if you're up for it.

DJ Ayres & Cosmo Baker - EPMD - I'm Mad (DJ Scratch Jazzy Remix) and Slick Rick - I Shouldn't Have Done It with Soho - Hot Music

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Visit The Rub's homepage, with lots of original hip hop mashups