Banana Nutrament

Chaotic Evil's Van Burglarized, Equipment Stolen

I know that's a shocker -- but let me convey some other news first.

Friday's show in Williamsburg was an okay affair. There were intermittment electrical problems that really tested our patience, plus it was sort of a scenesterish crowd lacking the intellectual capacity to understand what we were doing.

Saturday's show though, that was an unholy mindfuck. An incredible rooftop view overlooking the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges set the stage for an epochal night. The people at The Watchtower have a rigorous approach to musical scholarship, at the end of the show they were in a total trance from our playing. Even when we finished and packed up our gear they were still staring at us blankly, totally awestruck.

As you might surmise from the title, the bad news is that after parking the van near our practice space in Bushwick, it was broken into and all our gear and personal effects stolen. Fortunately, we have a detailed inventory of what is missing. It looks like the rest of our summer shows are now canceled.

Word around the scene is that this larceny is this is the worst thing to happen since Sonic Youth got their detuned guitars ripped off. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help us locate the whereabouts of the following stolen items:

IPCM 70/80 flanger
Behringer DSP2024 flanger
Ibanez FL9 flanger
ring modulator (broken)
Danelectro PFJ-8 flanger
Krapp's Last Tape (first edition)
carton of clove cigarettes (opened)
bag of dried cranberries
Don't Mess With Texas t-shirt
American Apparel tube top
sleeping bag
Sleeping Bag Records SLX-001 12" (original pressing)
gallon of pomade
Lacoste dress
signed photo of Kevin Shields
Le Tigre CD (Feminist Sweepstakes)
Le Tigre polo shirt (red)
orange Adidas headband
cowboy boots
BluBlocker sunglasses
analog Fender tube amp

Bjorn Borg Fila tracksuit
Chaotic Evil Neighborhoodies merch
merch table
Canon XL-IIS Super 8 camera
The FADER magazine issues Feb, Mar, and Oct '04
As Four jumpsuit
Grado headphones
2 cases of PBR
Ratt t-shirt
fuzz box
fuzzy Guatemalan sweater
PETA membership
crate of several hundred assorted 7" records
working volcano (science project kind)
2004 Whitney Biennial catalog
Karim Rashid biography
pixelvision camera
tattoo gun
extra pair of horn-rimmed glasses
Ewok pajama bottoms
framed MFA diploma
white belt
Harmony Korine Criterion Collection DVDs
pirate costume
McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 16
trucker hat (6)
map of Bed-Stuy