Banana Nutrament

Free Yr Folks?

What about these Deirdre? Your mention of "freak folk" music got me thinking, do any of these artists qualify as part of the movement influenced by Ms. Bunyan and Ms. St. John? I can't tell, and I am offering this up to you and the readers as a thought experiment. Notice the successive degeneration of form from track to track (that was my idea).

Samara Lubelski - Fleeting Skies
This is so beautiful and transient. Fleeting, even, except that's what she calls it in the title, so it would be a poor adjective for me to use. I got to get to one of her shows and see what Samara looks like, she sounds like a total Sugar Magnolia. Get Samara Lubelski's album here

No Neck Blues Ban - Twinkle
You'd have to eat pills stonger than that CIA grade shit Rafael Palmeiro takes to even BEGIN to wrap your head around this. More here

Comets on Fire - The Unicorn (Live)
Especially like the part at the end where it goes wub wub wub fibber fibber. Get it from Tonevendor

Excepter - (The Ass)
This is the last track of their recent album. So does each track represent a different part of the digestive system? Cos this kind of sounds like shit but then it also kind of sounds AWESOME. Get it from Load, their label

Sometimes it seems like some sort of Darwinian zero-sum game with every musician trying to be the most intentionally "out there" and everyone trying to outdo each other with their pedal effects and delays. But no one beats Mama Universe.