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Introducing Chaotic Evil

In certain circles I am fondly remembered as lead guitarist of seminal D.C. hatecore band Ethnic Slur. Although I created the band, I was voted out in 1997. Having since moved to Brooklyn and having grown leaps and bounds as an artist, I have pushed beyond such childish schoolyard sludge rock. Currently I am endeavoring with my sound art group Chaotic Evil. We have been working together out of my loft for quite some time, but only now are we prepared, emerging artists that we are, to depart the sticky mucus of our creative chrysalis. For any dullards reading this that means we are playing shows in August and September.

Chaotic Evil

Indeietrus Hofnickler - IPCM 70/80 Flanger
Okkei Habunde - Behringer DSP2024 Flanger
Caspar Kohlheim - Ibanez FL9 Flanger
Andy Franklin - Ring Modulator (Broken)
Lydia Benvenuto - Danelectro PFJ-8 Flanger

Upcoming Shows:
Robot Dragon Loft, Williamsburg - 8/12

The Watchtower, DUMBO (invitation only) - 8/14
The High Line, Chelsea - 8/25 (sunset show)
Planet Thai, Williamsburg - 8/27
Veggie Castle, Flatbush - 9/2
Tonic - Downstairs Basement Secret Sub-Basement, LES - 9/10
Tea Lounge - Park Slope - 9/17