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M.I.A. Shawas Evolution

M.I.A. is bringing her fire to Central Park Summerstage this Sunday, the 7th, so I thought I'd write up a little ditty. Oh, did I mention it's a free show? I see Gordo is getting mad Darwinian in his last post and that sparked it -- I'll write up this concert and tie in my personal fav track, the "Sunshowers" jawn and the disco steez from where it came.

This is the original real deal from Dr. Buzzard. Don't know much about his backstory, just don't get him confused with Dr. John, that dude from New Orleans who sings for Shrek movie credits nowadayz. Joint ends with some nice rainfall samples that could have been lifted off your local mall's Body Shop CD sampler, but naw, this is from the '70s.

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
You can get it on Amazon

Miguel is running a blog for a few months with a name ripping off Ironman and then makes it worse by showing no love for Tony Starks Enterprises. Who the fuck brought me this indie rock shit, man? I checked the archives, man. Y'all heard the fuck I said.. I gave you. I wrote it on the fuckin' paper, man.

So this is another Wu-Banger, a real hand raiser, how come I don't still hear it in the club? Heel toe. Heel toe.

Ghostface Killah - Ghost Showers
Catch it at Beat Street

OK, here is (future) babymama's Arular track. Kinda sorta gets overlooked coz of "Galang", but it's still my favorite. I got some advice for you M.I.A., page me if you need some smoke, don't bother with Washington Square Park, and don't go out like a punk.

M.I.A. - Sunshowers
Buy it at Insound