Banana Nutrament

Some White Boy's Sure to Imitate That

And that white boy is me. Actually I ain't imitating, not even stealing, just sharing. Sharing for the purpose of you buying this, or at least being aware of it.

Felt kind of bad putting up the new Spank Rock, as pretty much the whole release is just variations and remixes of "Put That Pussy on Me" along with a couple good megamixes. Then I realized he probably didn't clear the samples on those Beach Boys loops, not to even mention the Snoop jacks.

Chisox/Yankees game on in the background, right as I wrote "Snoop" that Snoop/Lee Iacocca Chrysler ad just came on. My fingers type magic.

Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me
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Banana Nutrament

Yeah, this Spank Rock cut is ill. Possibly circulated only on promo for a minute, cause it's halfway through August and I'm hearing my favorite '05 summer jam for the first time.

Put me in the mood for some more treats:

Eazy-E - Gimme That Nutt

Why? Because I know you lip synched to this in front of your bathroom mirror when you thought no one was around. Yeah, I watched you do that shit.

L'Trimm - Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend

If you're one of those scenester chicks confusing L'Trimm with Le Tigre, while "spinning" in LES boites with the six records and four hundred CD-Rs you own, you better ask somebody.