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Sugar Hill Gang at South Street Seaport Tonight (Free)

Tonight (Thursday, August 25th) the Sugar Hill Gang are at Pier 17 at South Street Seaport. You might think something like this 25 years removed would be pointless nostalgia, but these cats still know how to entertain.

I saw them three years ago and they said good night to thunderous applause. When the crowd started calling them back for an encore some dumb beeyotch yelled out a "Rapper's Delight" request. I was like of course they're going to play that.

Another time, Liquid Liquid came back onstage at Knitting Factory and some indie geek asked for "Cavern". Everyone frowned in his direction.

C'mon, if you pay the big bucks to see Nancy Sinatra at the Rainbow Room, you're gonna hear "Boots Are Made For Walking". If you look at the ticket, it's written in the fine print.


Afrodisiac Sound System - C.K. Mann vs. Sugar Hill Gang

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