Banana Nutrament

Black Dice on the Dancefloor

Heads turned when it was revealed that Vladislav Delay was tapped to remix a track off Black Dice's recently released Broken Ear Record. Minimal without being repetitive, Luomo never loops anything beyond its welcome. It's a bit odd at first to hear those guttural barks inlaid within a dancefloor framework, but not nearly as shocking as the initial release of their "Cone Toaster" 12".

Black Dice - Smiling Off (Luomo Remix)
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While "Smiling Off" appears to be the single Astrelwerks is pushing, it didn't resonate with me immediately. It took repeated listens to unfold its lotus petal charms.

"Heavy Manners" stopped me dead in my tracks though. The immediacy of its distorted mumblings and gentle guitar strumming punctuated by rotating washes from an effects box neutron star have not been diluted in the slightest by multiple daily playings.

Black Dice - Heavy Manners
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I still think the guy who left Black Dice should pair up with the guy who left NNCK and make a band called No Dice.

Hisham Bharoocha - Untitled Prepared Piano

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Perhaps more promising is the ongoing project between Bharoocha, Tyondai Braxton, and Prefuse 73. Can't wait.