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Banana Nutrament is going to continue to get all grad school gender/ethnic studies on you. Couple weeks ago a veritable maelstrom erupted over that Kill Whitie expose shockah at the Washington Post. Some of the writer's tactics were pretty disingenuous, though it'd be pretty hard to beat out DJ Pumpsta (coughdickcough) in that category. The only good that came out of it was seeing message boards and blogs light up like slot machines discussing notions of authenticity, whether black music can be recontextualized, and what sort of music is off-limits to white people.

Interesting then that we see the flip of this with SA-RA Creative Partners (African-American) being tapped for a Four Tet (Anglo Brit) remix this summer, coming through with some wildly offbeat results. They laced the Four Tet original with all sorts of Afro-Futurist steel drums and moogy goodness. The voiceovers lend a soulful flavor, it's just too bad the announcer didn't mention who he was, so we could know who the remixers were.

Four Tet - Sun, Drums, and Soil (Sa-Ra Creative Partners On the Move Mix)
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Also, don't sleep on the excellent video for "Smile Around the Face" at Domino Records
Smile Around the Face Video

A writer who wanted to drop a good counter-example into the hip hop appropriation fray would do well to investigate DJ Language and the Negroclash party put on with friends Lindsay and Duane. Having a white DJ involve himself in a party named as such might elicit a double take, but there is no irony involved, quite the opposite. Negroclash was created as a reaction to the sillier elements of the now dead electroclash fad, the party is a sincere creole of early electro, b-boying, and Juan Atkins style techno paranoia.

Banana Nutrament

DJ Language with Lindsay Caldwell - Blue Miles
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Franky Boissy feat Roland Clark - Black Music (DJ Language Remix)
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