Banana Nutrament

Quadruple Overtime

Checked out the West Indian Day Parade yesterday and got a plate before it got too crowded. Lots of politicians and bass pounding floats.

By the New York Post's count, there were 15 Brooklyn shootings on Monday and 9 on Sunday. While you can't attribute violence to the Parade, all these gunshots happened outside or nearby it. So where were the police?

Over twenty shootings this past weekend, and I kept seeing cops on their cellphones checking voicemail. The worst was two years ago when a shooting actually happened at the parade and the assailant ran off into the crowd. Leaving the Parade earlier that afternoon, we walked down to the Parkside Avenue Q Station. We didn't know about the shooting but were shocked to see 200 cops chilling in a meadow, some of them sleeping in their cars. It was really sickening when we found out about the assaults they could have prevented.

Jay Dee - Fuck The Police

Black Flag - Police Story

KRS One - Sound Of Da Police