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I've been meaning to share this review of a Roy Ayers 12" for the longest. It left me in ROFLcopters, I know exactly what this guy means. You can find it here, but their site design makes you scroll or ctrl-f what you're looking for, so i'll paste it for you:

Running Away 12
Roy Ayres (sic)
price: $6.00
available: yes
item #: fr-1064

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Running Away is about as classic as disco gets. Absolute Body & Soul floor burner for longer than I can remember. Every big loft DJ you ever heard of has played the living fuck out of this song. Shit cruises along on a relentless, smoky almost afro funk kind of vibe that runs about 10 minutes, with multiple ridiculous breakdowns and deep, supremely soulful singing. Love Will Bring Us Back Together is more of a standard funky disco affair, but still dope. It's a shame that these classic songs have become the standard Fort Greene ''hey what's that song playing I can't hear it under the din of the cappuccino machine wow I really like that bandana I never would have thought of wearing it on my head like that oh you got it at a stoop sale? Great find'' kind of shit, but if you're not a completely salty jaded fuck, there's definitely room in your crates for this record. I'm never in a good mood anymore, but if I was, I would burn this shit on a Sunday morning for sure. -Bob Bannister

That's pretty funny stuff, and still pretty respectful of a classic. I don't know who this Bob Bannister guy is, but he seems to know his way around the trendier corners of DeKalb Avenue. Left me thinking about all those other gold standards that have earned a spot on gentrifier mixtapes. What, you thought I was gonna post "Running Away" when they're trying to sell it?

Roy Ayers - We Live in Brooklyn Baby
Sweet Lord, if you are in a candlelit bar/lounge and there is a DJ, you WILL hear this track. Weirdly, it's only been ruined for me in public settings.
TTL has this too, scroll down on that page

Main Source - Looking at the Front Door
You might hear this on a cd mix playing at some boutique, but most dilettante DJs are without it as a worn copy of Breaking Atoms fetches $50-$60 on eBay.
Nice review

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - They Reminisce Over You
Reminds me of Fort Greene Park and Cosby Show sweaters for some reason. A true classic.
Yahoo might be the racist CNN
, but a couple of months ago I found the video for it here. I guess they have their moments.