Banana Nutrament

Scotch Bonnet Sounds

What is the distance between the turpentine scented halls of art galleries and the sweaty clamor of the West Indian Day Parade? Not much. Surprisingly, many avant-garde musicians have found themselves drawn to the jerk laced smoke plumes and booming soundsystems of today's festival.

Charlemagne Palestine - Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn
This is a fusion of drones and recordings played from a boom box and re-recorded at the festival
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Charlemagne Palestine's website

Terrestrial Tones - West Indian Day Parade
Blasted's cover art snap of Eric Copeland and Dave Portner grinning devilishly in front of a memorial plaque for Christa McAuliffe and the crew of the space shuttle Challenger actually exists close to the parade route. It was put up in front of a school somewhere in the middle of Washington Avenue.
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