Banana Nutrament

Cook 'em In a Pot Like Gumbo

This nifty little N.W.A. quiz has been making the rounds lately. Don't get tripped up like me and miss seeing those "all of the above" options. Otherwise, I was shocked how well I did; I can't remember to pay a credit card bill, but there is apparently some dusty corner of my brain storing all these lyrics:

The Legendary N.W.A. Quiz

Banana Nutrament

Also, this put me in the mood to put up the original "Express Yourself". Not Dre's later rejiggering with that annoying chronicky whistle/drill sound, but the one I remember when I had Straight Outta Compton on cassette:

N.W.A. - Express Yourself

And, why not the sample source:

Charles Wright - Express Yourself