Banana Nutrament

Daaarryl.. Daaarryl.. Daaarryl..

Bernie Williams is nice but don't forget Darryl Strawberry.
Banana Nutrament
Not only did Darryl get a ring in '86 thanks to Billy B, he also was approached by UTFO of "Roxanne, Roxanne" fame to cut a single. Bo Jackson can't rap, but the Straw can. Saw it go for $43 on eBay recently, but is kind enough to share it with us for free:

Banana Nutrament
Darryl Strawberry and UTFO - Chocolate Strawberry
Lyrics and more info here
Banana Nutrament

Not the kindest juxtapostion, but plenty appropriate:

The Party Andersons - Cocaine
More about The Party Andersons

Out of Orlando, The Party Andersons were discovered by the members of comic collective The Lonely Island, all of which have recently landed jobs on Saturday Night Live as writers and performers. Other stuff they've done is this schweet Nintendo short and music videos for We Are Scientists. Interesting to see SNL writer hirees coming out of the online world rather than the Harvard Lampoon feeder.