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Party Jams (Smoke This!)

I've love tunes that start off with a party. One you can actually listen to cos they recorded faux chitter chatter with ambient mics. Or, in Marvin Gaye's case, just had a giant clambake in the recording studio on Berry Gordy's dime. Whilst on Phish tour, I was a laughingstock for some several weeks due to my insistence that the ultimate party background jam, Gaye's "What's Going On", features a a dude in the background going "Smoke this!".

So now, years later, I can produce evidence that my hypothesis was in fact correct, and not some by product of my seasonal affective disorder black light therapy.

Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On" smoke this! excerpt

ok, that's kinda hard to hear. If you're not into replaying it nineteen or twenty times, here's a slowed down version:

Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On" smoke this! excerpt (slowed)

weird how ominous and plodding the song becomes when you pitch it down a little. I'm like Stockhausen with a .wav editor.

The reason why I bring this up in the first place is cos of this wicked disco cut dropped by Kelley Polar. I think we've posted about him before, so suffice to say he merges conservatory strings with Studio 54 in beautiful, radiant starburst patterned grooves that make IDM people cry from realizing what they're missing.

Kelley Polar - The Rooms in My House Have Many Parties
Out soon on his Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens album
More at the Environ site

I think someone, AKA not me, should put together a mixed CD where every track has a party going on in the background. I'll post my master list in a sec, but here's two "must" inclusions:

Dwayne Omarr - This Party's Jam Packed
Gigolo vocodered electro jam

125th Street NYC - Get Down People
Bruiser uptown R&B sounds

ok, here's the list, please add what you see fit:

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (duh)
The Blenders - Nothin' But a Party, Pt. 2
Sexual Harrasment - If I Gave You A Party (crucial)
Eddie Gale - Black Rhythm Happening
ESG - Party Music
Grandmixer DST - The Grandmixer Cuts It Up
Konk - Konk Party
Main Source - Just Hangin Out
T La Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours (one of the remixes)
Mos Def - Magnificent
Prince - Escape
Ramsey Lewis Trio - Do What You Wanna
Sammy Gordon And The Hiphuggers - Upstairs On Boston Road (Part 1)
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher (at the beginning)
Universal Robot Band - Doing Anything Tonight

and I'm sure there are many more..

UPDATE: I'm pasting these over from the comments box before Haloscan deletes 'em. Thanks everyone:

Make It Glow by The Smarties
Special Forces - Stroke It (Instrumental)
Cloud One - Atmosphere Strut
The Breaks by Kurtis Blow
Over and Over by Sylvester
Erlend Oye - "Every Party has a Winner and A Loser
Donny Hathaway "The Ghetto"
Bunny Sigler "Let Me Party With You (Party Party Party)"
Nouvelle Vague "This Is Not A Love Song"
entire album of The Beach Boys - Party!