Banana Nutrament

Burning Up the Dancefloor

"On the Seventh day, God saw that his Creation was Good, and He did rest. But on the Eighth day, He said "Let there be House", and there was House music."

That was a pretty weak channeling of my inner house diva. My chakras must be blocked, I can do much better at 5am in the morning (no, that's not redundant).

Mostly I need to wail like that because of the orchestral swell looping throughout Pepe Bradock's essential "Deep Burnt". If you think it's in poor taste to put up a track by a French producer off an EP named "Burning" while Paris is in actually going up in flames, then I don't know what to tell you. Just a coinkydink, I've been meaning to write this post for the longest.

If you've set foot on a dancefloor in the past five years then you've probably had this track massaged into your neocortex:

Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

Crazy such a good sample went untouched for so long. Maybe diggers were thrown off the scent by the myriad versions Freddie Hubbard made of his "Little Sunflower" standard. The Jarreau accompaniment isn't the best known take, but then again, it's far from a dusty rarity.

Freddie Hubbard & Al Jarreau - Little Sunflower

This is different sort of rework of the Hubbard intro, sort of a downtempo number. Seems to be lacking teeth until the Martin Luther King speech kicks in. Never a bad idea to put a Martin Luther King sample in a dance track.

Aybee - Deepblak'd

And then Theo Parrish has a go on it on this Ugly Edit release. More of a jazzy recontextualization and chop 'n repeat than anything else. He has an Ugly Edit of GQ's "Lies" with a microloop so small that it sounds like the record started to skip, and by the time you've got up to check, the bassline kicks back in. Sorry for the poor quality on this one, but remember, this is like an mp3 rip of a poor recording of a bootleg pressing of a friends only white label. How many generations is that?

Theo Parrish - Motor City