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Sylvia Plath Aww Shit Do the Math

My friend Tim-Dawg is mothafuckin Shakespeare 2. My main stain had his first off-Broadway show produced when he was in high school . He was only 17. Now he makes a living as a playwright and whatnot. He solicited th e help of 90 friends to write 90 one minute one act plays based around the lifes of famous writers. Everybody got a different author and I got Sylvia Plath which I thought was pretty sweet. Yeah I would have prefered Hemingway, but at least Ive heard of her. So basically these fatcat producers pulled out their money at teh last minute, so your unlikely to see this production anytime soon. I was thinking of Scarlett Johansson as Sylvia, and I had a pretty good idea who I wanted to cast as Ted Hughes.

Here is my contribution:

TED HUGHES enters stage left into the kitchen. SYLVIA's head and torso is inside the oven. Body limp.

TED (griefstricken): Sylvia, what have you done?




SYLVIA (turning around with pan in hand): Surprise! I've made your favourite, oatmeal raisin. And piping hot chocolate chip cookies for us all!

That's some eerie fuckin foreshadowing.

Sylvia Plath - Daddy

Aww, now I'm hungry for cookies.