Banana Nutrament

Banana Nutriment? C'mon Factcheckers

We just want to set the record straight. The product is Nutrament, always has been. I don't know where this "Nutriment" spelling came from, maybe some backpacker mistranscribed Ghost's lyrics?

via Pitchfork:

Ghostface: "The Struggle"
genre: hip-hop

Wah-wahs, horns, strings, sore samples, nutriments-- you know what it is before it happens...
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Villace Voice botched the spelling, now Pitchfork joins the fray. Just hope the Wall Street Journal gets it right when they do a cross hatched engraving of our blog.

Banana Nutrament

Looking forward to the album dropping but hardly ever get promo love, so while we're all waiting, enjoy this:

Ghostface Killah - Never Be the Same Again (Original Unreleased Version)