Banana Nutrament

Copy, Rename, Paste, Delete, Copy, Rename, Paste, Delete

This blog is fast becoming a remix haus and/or foster home for oddball disco. As long as this trend continues, we shan't leave out the digital squiggles of Cut Copy.

cntrl-x = CUT
cntrl-c = COPY

I'm not sure if Paste factors into any of this, and I am completely puddled about how you Macintosh folk go about moving bits and bytes around.

Cut Copy - Saturdays (Headman Remix)
Cracking Headman rework here, all synthetic sunshine and trails coming out of your fingertips.
Purchase here

Cut Copy - Future (!!! Remix)
Such a bleak counterpoint to the Headman remix. While still a headnodder, the ChickChickChickadees apply black eyeliner on us with their brooding, dark synth work. Linn Drum's Not Dead, it appears.
Also available here, for two quid

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