Banana Nutrament

Double G and the Treacherous 3

The Guardo has the surprising news of Green Gartside making a reemergence. It seems he has overcome his crippling stagefright and now is performing again. Lovely that, this is the perfect time for Scritti Politti to reappear for a Socialist themed Starbucks compilation. More attentive fans are rounding up the mobile phone pics and editorializing far better than I ever could.

Scritti Politti - Doubt Beat

Scritti Politti -
Skank Bloc Bologna

I really hope Mr. Gartside isn't reading this, nude but for a bathrobe, eating a tuna sandwich at 4:00 AM and doing Technorati vanity searches.

Scritti Politti - Jacques Derrida

Ages ago, my first download of Jacques Derrida must have come out of Audiogalaxy wrong-ended. 3/4 towards the end, the song fuzzed out in blaaap skrrreeks as if someone's modem had just ignited. Then, as if a shortwave radio possessed, it went from bamboo flutes to Aretha Franklin pastiche in a matter of seconds. Moments later Scritti Politti returned. Either it had been taped off a dodgy radio, or I had caught downmarket mp3s swapping chromosomes like naughty DNA strands. Pity I deleted it.