Banana Nutrament

New Year's Eve Casualties

Good thing I'm off this Monday, because New Year's Day was my annual lost day of recuperation. It's a damn shame to waste a Sunday nursing yourself back to health, but it's happened to me the past five years (at least). I was back in form around 4pm after dropping in at Two Boots for a cheeseburger, which was the first thing I had to eat that day.

I woke up Sunday afternoon covered in magic marker. Not as bad as this kid though:
Banana Nutrament

Also, I must have turned some music on at some point, I found my turntable still going with a nice cocaine circle in the runout groove. I figured it was another prank until I realized 12 hours of unattended play probably wore my stylus to a nub. Guess I should get a new one.

Ja'net DuBois and Jeff Barry - Movin' On Up (Tittsworth Remix)
I don't know who Tittsworth is, only that he is/was a Friendster of mine for some reason. Memorable name, I guess. I hope he doesn't have man boobs.

Nomo - Not Wisely/Too Well (Dabrye Remix)
Dubby fun. A new side of Dabrye, at least to me.

Diplo - Egg Foo Remix
"Something like that you could use in a sentence. Like in a um, Ruff Ryders sentence."