Banana Nutrament

Ride The Crazy Horse

The rock and the roll and the Clapping of the Hands and the indie indie Sufjams and the what-have-you will return. Eventually. Maybe if some good new bands worth hyping appear on the horizon. Funny how the PR set stopped spamming us in the last three months, I guess they figured it was a lost cause with all the older music we've been posting.

That's OK tho.

'Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic
**Buy it at Boomkat**

Banana Nutrament

A certain someone at 20 Jazz Funk Greats has been ribbing us about Neil Young. All in good fun, but did you know that Mr. Young owns a nice chunk of Lionel Trains? And two vocoder companies? This one's for you, man.

Neil Young - Sample and Hold
**Buy Trans at Django's Music**

So, anyone got a good new band to get excited about?