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Arcade Fire and David Bowie

Wuzzzup party people, I rolled deep with Sunshine (you may know her as Shoshonna) at the Fashion Rocks show Thursday at Radio Music Hall. Man, what an art deco masterpiece. Mebbe I shouldn't reveal this, but Sunshine leads a double life as a CondeNasty. Yeah, I'm not gonna tell you which magazine or else she might got fired.

I had my Sennheiser SK-49 stealth mics taped to my sleeves so I could record Duran Duran. DOn't laugh I've been a DuranHead since day one. Security busted me tho.

But not before the Arcade Fire/David Bowie collabro. That was schweet. Ziggy Stardust is my broseph for reals.

Was Arcade Fire on the cover of Time Magazine or was that photoshopped? Lil red-headed drummer boy dude was like a perfect autistic cross between Napolean Dynamite and Carrot Top. After that rousing performance, I now see why the indies love them so.

Arcade Fire and David Bowie - Live at Fashion Rocks, Radio City Music Hall 9/8/05

I thought Arcade Fire was great, but in some ways I kinda preferred Bowie's revisitation of "Life on Mars". This is a Banana Nutrament first, we're bring video atcha, but I think you need Windows Media Player.

David Bowie - Life on Mars (Live at Fashion Rocks, Radio City Music Hall 9/8/05)

Note in advance to lawyer dude from CBS. I don't think this is the same as reproducing baseball telecasts. I"m not sure if CBS or CondeNast owns the footage, but David Bowie loves new talent for his vampiric whims, and blogging is the new hawtness. Holla David and we will knock heads and write up some new liner notes for you.

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Update: We had a podcast of this up for about 4-5 days, and even now, months on, people keep asking for us to re-up the recording. Better to buy the entire live EP at iTunes here. We've heard the profits go to Katrina relief, so go out and get it.