Banana Nutrament


Donnie & Joe Emerson - Dreamin' Wild

Finally getting a wider audience reissue treatment by the folks at Light in the Attic - more here

Found out about this record a little bit after its initial discovery, copies changed hands, I idly thought one would turn up when I least expected it. Now with the reissue it's gone from an eBay saved search that would ring up once or twice every six months to a daily occurrence. Ever stranger are the mass market writeups:

LA Times

Thirty years to get their due attention, incredible. 


Together No Longer

Only a few months after these videos were made, these baseball duo had to part ways, pretty funny stuff though.

There's a good LeBron and Dwayne Wade one in there if you poke around mutsack's YouTube channel.
Gripper rare vintage eBay tool

Hey, it's been 4 years. I swear the last two I considered blogging again but I couldn't remember the password to this place(!) Google (Blogspot's owner) just let me back in despite a few DCMA takedown notices in my absence.

Please check out Gripper a project I've been working on with a number of friends. Gripper essentially tracks trendlines on how popular an item is on eBay and publishes items ranked by meaningfulness to people. Here's a few examples:

Rare records
Vintage clothing for women
Modernist Eames style antiques

Feels really weird logging into Blogger after four years, we have iPads and tumblrs these days. Now I know what Rip Van Winkle felt like. One!
Cool Psych Party

Yeah all I do is post good party flyers now, WHAT WHAT?!

More info here WHAT IT DO
Arthur Russell Film Screening and Afterparty

The Back Page

I think this is like the back of an Action Comics or something. I really don't know much about comics or Superman or any of that, but I love a sleazy end of book catalog ad. Reminds me of getting friends together for a bulk order of fireworks and whoopie cushions out the back of Boy's Life and going buck wild at the Webelos camping trip.

I'm Selling My Theremin

Dude. WTF.

I think my company Intranet is trying to tell me something:

Psychedelic Shack

Let loose a shitstorm of psych records last month. Well, that and blues and mod/rocker/ted/whatever and some ugly exploito Beatles knockoffs.

Found these and more in a sauna-hot Brooklyn Heights basement one night after work. The only good for my ears was discovering Savage Resurrection, which I could have figured out had I paid more attention to that San Francisco revisit of the Nuggets series when it came out last year or so.

I think Thing In "E" is my new early morning Shredator anthem.

Savage Resurrection - Thing In "E"

Savage Resurrection - Tahitian Melody

Savage Resurrection - Expectations
Ambient Record Party

Frankly, I'd like to see more of this kind of thing in New York City. Imagine whole swathes of dubstep nights closing up shop and reopening with industrial drones and Eno adulation.

Obligatory End of the Year Post

Here are some new things I found and loved in 2007, some things people turned me on to, others I had forgotten about -- tracks and artists that made it all worthwile.

Black Unity Trio - Opening Prayer

Underground Railroad - Ain't No Second Best

Caetano Veloso - Gilberto Misterioso

Eddie Kendricks - My People Hold On

Arica - Thorn

Don Carlos - Lazer Beam

David Crosby - Cowboy Movie