Banana Nutrament


Please replace backing soundtrack to Pink Floyd Planetarium Lazer Spectacular with this:

Alan Parsons Project - I Robot

And, below, a no wave sounding relic from the 80s, doubly interesting as it's not coming from some Lower East Side basement, but instead from a Washington state community college hobby club. Major eBay bait, and one of those 100 edition Creel Pone CD-R reproductions.

From the jacket:

The electronic music club of Edmonds Community College became a chartered club on our campus in april of 1984. with 30 initial members, the focus of the club was centered around the production of this album. The philosophy of this organization is to encourage and perpetuate the creation and performance of electronic music. We hope you enjoy this album.

The electronic music program at Edmonds Community College is rapidly becoming one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the united states. Eight courses in both subtractive and additive synthesis as well as private study are offered to help students develop and improve their skills on analogue and digital instruments as well as multitrack tape and computer disk recording.

Mark Hale - N.R.E.