Banana Nutrament

Critical Beatdowns

"Hey guy", the stocky teen says to me, "You got another smoke?"

"My name ain't Duane Reade" runs through my brain.

"Uh yeah, no problem", I offer.

How much are they? Current Bloombergian pricing models leave them at about 39.25 cents each.

Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - How Much Are They?
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Who got the baddest breaks this side of the Theater Of Eternal Music? This invigorated composition sticks out like a sore thumb among the muted, minimalist exercises on John Cale and Terry Riley's 1970 collab album of the same title as the mp3 posted here.

John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax
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Album line notes here

The guttural drone that kicks off the proceedings serves to bedrock the unexpected breakbeat and its organ theme complement. Towards the end Riley's soprana saxophone solo begins to fold into itself and the organ slips back in to make the piece come full circle. As someone who appreciates VU and Terry Riley, I found this album full of anticipated avant rock genre stretching, but nothing prepared me for the improv abandon found on this session track.