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Pitchfork News Now Just Making Shit Up

Two boondoggles in one week. A new low.

First, Update: The Fall Tour Becomes Slightly Less Chaotic

Whereupon we learn that Mark E. Smith, after firing his band in the middle of a US tour (no surprise there), has summoned fellow Narnack labelmates The Cairo Gang to be his new backing band. Intrigued by this, I contacted Emmett Kelley of The Cairo Gang and received this e-mail reply:

just so that you know pitchfork conjured up the fact that i am now the Fall completely on their own. however, the truth is.....the cairo gang is opening for the Fall for the second half of the tour. starting to 23rd. i dont know if i will end up playing in the fall, but just so that you dont think i am cool because i'm in the fall.

Listen to The Cairo Gang's music on their Myspace page

Next, Boredoms' Super Roots Coming to America

Great news. Reissues of some very expensive and wonderful EPs are going to happen. What does Vice Records have to say about this?

"This is not true at all, I don't know where they got this information from. We are discussing re-releasing some of the Super Roots records in the US, but nothing has been confirmed, and there will not be a box set. That will wait until Super Roots 10, whenever that will be."

At least the Boredoms are coming to play Deitch Projects. Or should someone e-mail the gallery to make sure? It's not that hard to check sources.

Why does Nick Sylvester get booted from Pitchfork for making up quotes at an entirely different publication while the Daily Music Section is allowed to exist as conjecture and dubious PR release cut 'n pastes?