Banana Nutrament

With Apologies to Nam June Paik

I've been waiting to a do a multi-channel YouTube edit for a few months now, it's something I've been playing around with but could never pull off. YouTube's Flash player used to load too slowly to work effectively in multiple windows, but now that a redesign has taken place, it appears their video streaming process has been optimized to the extent that the below is now possible.

It's a bit tricky navigating those miniaturized play buttons, miss and you'll load a new browser window. Sound is in the middle square. If you like it, there's another YouTube hack here.

Afrika Bambaataa & Jazzy Jay - Death Mix, Part 1
**Buy it at Forced Exposure**

Coincidentally, in NYC tonight, Thursday 11th, you can catch Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Jazzy Jay, and many others DJing at a Table 50 tribute/benefit appearance. More info here.