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Martin Denny's Quiet Village

Scored this Martin Denny gem, an orignal of the first Cymande, some Roy Ayers records, and can't remember what else at a roadside setup called Lyn's Attic two months ago. Call or e-mail her ahead of going, I think it's all contingent on good weather.

Martin Denny, the undisputed grandmaster of tiki hut exotica. Ping-ponging from the ethereal to the unabashedly corny, I've always loved the man's work, but the faux naivety and peppering of animal cries and Indian whoops has at times rubbed me as the worst kind of treacle. At least until I came across this quote by Denny:

"My music has always been like fiction, no authenticity; I didn't want to make African music--I only wanted to suggest how African music might sound."

Martin Denny - Coronation

Martin Denny - Quiet Village

Christian Marclay - Martin Denny

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