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MC Skat Kat? We're going to get a bit Stereogummy today and go with a pop culture angle, what with the singoff between shabby Bo Bice and the animatronic Carrie Underwood tonight. It's a damn pity my girl Vonzell got knocked out in the third round for pulling a Whitney Houston and crying a little. But I'm really going to miss Paula next season, that is, if the suits at Coca-Cola decide to put her down like Old Yeller. I scoured the internerd far and wide for a suitable "seal clap" Paula picure but came up short. I wonder if she once impaled the flesh of her palm on a French nail, she only need to throw in a few barks and I'm sure the staff would ready a bucket of fish.

MC Skat Kat - Skat Kat's Theme
Sweet Lord, I hope you don't buy it

MC Skat Kat
first collaborated with Paula on 1988's "Opposites Attract" off of Forever Your Girl. He went on to find fame and fortune as a solo act, headlining with the likes of Rush, Brian Eno, and even Frank Sinatra. And before my comments box get flooded with know-it-alls, yes, The Onion declared Adventures of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob the "Least Essential Album of the Nineties". Good luck Paula.

ALSO: Can any blogger experts out there help me? I invited someone to contribute to this blog but I'm having second thoughts now. I can't figure out how to delete/ban a user that has posting rights. Or is there a way to muzzle someone for just a week or two? Please e-mail if you can help. Also, I accidentally deleted the code that gives post titles, anyone got it?