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Some Things I've Been Feeling Lately

Ultimate Breaks and Beats Volume 19
I picked this up this weekend on the strengths of "Rock Creek Park" and "I Get Lifted" alone. I'm no beat hunter, having little use for breaks records; but every now and then they wind up as wonderful accidental R+B compilations. I was blown away by the last A side track, something that sounded like the greatest lost Jackson Five song ever. Course it's really by an 11 year old Foster Sylvers, younger brother of Leon Sylvers. I've never bought a Breaks and Beats before, they're cheap as hell but I've always been turned off by the "if you bootleg this, we're going to hunt you down" warnings on the back of what is most certainly an illegal boot itself. Maybe I should reconsider.

Foster Sylvers - Misdemeanor
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Cerrone - Love in C Minor
I big up the inclusion of Cerrone on those DFA mixes from my last post, and not a day later I find a near pristine copy of Love in C Minor for cheap. Must be fate. Sure, that's worth $2 to me, and quite a bit more.

Cerrone - Love in C Minor
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John Coltrane - Impressions

Almost a decade ago I was a music librarian in a dull university work/study job. Had lots of free time and a passable collection at my disposal, so I oscillated between Miles Davis' In a Silent Way (got it) and Bitches' Brew (need it), and John Coltrane's Live at Birdland (got it), A Love Supreme (got it), and Impressions (got it now). Impressions is a missasembled collection of live club takes, but "India" has never failed in raising the small hairs on the back of my neck.

John Coltrane - India
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Sleeping Bag's Reggae Dancehall Classics

I didn't even know this existed until I saw it. Figured I couldn't pass up their take on the genre, and at the very least it had "Under Me Sleng Teng", so it must move into interesting territory. And it does. Christgau seems to think so too, as revealed by a cursory googling. In regards to "Under Me Sleng Teng", I've always loved the imagery of passing a joint from one house to the next, through the window to the next door neighbor.

Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng
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