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Notting Hill Carnival

With the six hour time difference between here and New York, I suppose Notting Hill Carnival is over and done with. At the very least the street partying and sound systems have died down, about now people are packing into overpriced clubs or trundling through local house parties, attempting to squeeze the last out of their three day holiday.

I have some great memories of Carnival's past, from passing flatbeds dropping bass air blasts you can feel deep in your chest to my first taste of curried goat. The whole thing is bonkers and easily dismissed by too many, but it's a good time when you're young. Here's a list of crews. Great pictures too.

I'm still not so sure about Norman Jay, an old hand DJ who has built half his reputation on his Good Times sound system (killer) and his memorable Monday after-Carnival parties. I've found him grating sometimes on his radio show, otherwise I just envy his record collection and what he has built with it. Below is a downtempo track he'd pull out quite a bit in sets, I even pitched it down in an attempt to recreate his way of playing it.

D*Note - The Garden Of Earthly Delights