Banana Nutrament

Return of Banana Nutrament (For Real This Time)

I haven't been able to post lately, having immersed myself in video editing hell and unfortunately dropping my mp3 player, ruining its hard drive and losing around ten posts I had in reserve.

Anyhow, the heat and humidity here in NYC brings to mind one thing: steel drums.

John Gibbs & The US Steel Band - Trinidad
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The above was a Larry Levan favorite, the man not only "made" records far better than any radio DJ could, but his hand is still affecting auction prices even today. Funny then that last week I should buy a wonderful steel drum rendition of "Kiling Me Softly" off a homeless man selling books and records only a few blocks from the old site of the Paradise Garage.

Esso Trinidad Steel Band - Killing Me Softly

I ripped this for you off the vinyl, a bit scratchy and poppy, but that's how we like it (sometimes). Ever since hearing and posting Esso Trinidad Steel Band's "I Want You Back", I've kept an eye out for their recordings, it's all a bit hit or miss actually. I scored a '60s record of theirs, but it was nothing special, really not much more than a tourist souvenir, like coming back from Hawaii with a Don Ho record stashed in your luggage. This all changed in the '70s when Van Dyke Parks got involved with production, introducing pop covers and funky breaks into their repertoire. More on his production work with them here.

OK, one more than I have to go:

Katzenjammers - Cars

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