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Six Year Old Beat Boxer Named Boo-Boo

I don't like to do eBay posts, because it's not about the rarity or expense of the music at hand, but how it grabs you. I mean, I've passed on Gino Soccio for several years now, having seen him in every dollar bin and worse, but since caving I realize how foolish that line of discetion can be.

Also not so terribly fond of bringing eBay content here as it tends to blackout a few days after auction close. If you want to read collectible music ephemera commentary, head here.

Anyhow, this is too good to pass up on. A little six year old kid beat boxing with a vengence. Monster stuff, so grab the MP3 while it's still up.

Boo-Boo - Boo Boo's Break
eBay: BOO-BOO B insane 6 year old human beat box '85 EP HEAR

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a showandtellmusic auction, found it myself, but you and I both know it will finish for an outrageous sum (EDIT: didn't sell) I have no interest in owning it, save hearing that MP3. The reason I'm mentioning all this is that I picked up the first Szajner Zed album on the cheap from him, good dude.