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I Must Get Back to Hammerstein Ballroom in Stuttgart in Time to See Kraftwerk

Fourth time they played New York City? Well, I wouldn't have gone had a friend not raved about their performace at Coachella last Summer. He proved himself right, here's the breakdown of Wednesday night's show:

You can just about make it out, check the four sleek PowerBooks crisply laid out on daises, tantalizing us before they come out.

I'm not sure what his name was, but of all of them he got the most applause when they came out. Kind of looks like that guy from Sprockets. So far, this has been twice as exciting as Blue Man Group.

Right around here they took a break from the chilly Krautfunk and launched into a cover of "Planet Rock"! I was really hoping Afrika Bambaataa would jump out from behind the stage or maybe some of the Kraftwerk dudes would start rapping. No dice.

When this went up on the video screen people went apeshit cheering and screaming. It was like being pushed through a wind tunnel made up of bullhorns.

After I got home I realized I had a little bit left on my camera's memory stick, so I snapped a picture of the blog for posterity's sake. Ideally I'd be taking a picture of this post, thereby setting up a sweet infinite recursion. But I don't have time for those kinds of shenanigans.


Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik (Francois K Aero Mix)
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This was recorded in 2003 and remixed by Francois K a year later. Damn, these guys never fell off.


Kraftwerk - Numbers
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Though its appeal is undeniable, "Numbers" was sold through to me by a coworker a few years back. He was a great guy to work with, my only gripe was that with him being an African-American, everyone at work accepted anything he said without question. My refutation of his claim that The Crips were named after Tales From the Crypt fell on deaf ears, rankling me quite a bit. He was dead on right though when he brought us the Computer World CD and announced that "Numbers" was the greatest rollerskating jam ever. You've got to be doing something right when you can convince a team of paralegals to pause from working, lean down low, and waggle their arms everytime the synth breakdown comes on at the end.