Banana Nutrament

Thus Spake Banana Nutrament

Big up to Brooklyn Vegan for punting over more traffic in five minutes than comes our way in five weeks. Either that or it's a slow news day. I'll lay off the meat tonight, hell, it's Friday and I am Catholic.

Silver Apples - Oscillations
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A classic record fetishized by lovers of analog synthesizers and weirdness in general, Silver Apples self-titled debut is a mind melting fusion of pop hooks and off-kilter dissonance. The ghostly vocals and evocatively primitive technology make this 1968 work a not-to-be-missed artifact from the psychedelic era. This is a prime example of experimental music that actually goes somewhere, rather than being the product of sticking one's own thumb up one's ass and waiting for the government art grant money to roll in. Apparently 20 Jazz Funk Greats has been rocking Silver Apples in his DJ sets, good for him.


Exkurs - Fakten Sind Terror
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It's not a Two-for-Tuesday but we'll do a double Kraut dip and follow up yesterday's Kraftwerk with the angular stomp of "Fakten Sind Terror" by the Exkurs. I didn't glean this one from the dust and cobwebs, the work has been done for us by the fine people behind the essential Teutonik Disaster compilations. These lovely documents bring together all kinds of schizoid sounds from Deutschland in the early 80's, revealing eerie parallels with NYC's post-punk, no wave, and dance community undergrounds. "Fakten Sind Terror" has a groove funkier than James Chance pounded flat into a schnitzel.