Banana Nutrament

New York, What Happened To You?


1) Mayoral re-election assured, Bloomberg shells out $66 million plus just to buy a mandate. Remember this in two years when legislation passes closing bars at 1am.

2) The Nets are moving from New Jersey into my neighborhood. Eminent domain abuses and land grab aside, mostly I just don't like the idea of Jason "WIFEBEATER WIFEBEATER" Kidd anywhere near my family.

3) I spend 5 minutes writing drivel about some au coraunt indie band and a grillion page views are directed my way. I spend four hours crafting a political screed, and no one reads it. Yes, of course the Markowitz clown wins again. Brooklyn loses.


Niagara - City Walk

Miroslav Vitous - New York City

Man, I don't know what happened.