Banana Nutrament

Steel Drum Fun

It rained for 7 days straight last week, and to block out the dreariness I must have put on this sun-drenched track about three times daily:

The Esso Trinidad Steel Band - I Want You Back
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After all those plays on repeat it never got stale or boring. Tune had been trapped in a languor of obscurity until like 4 or 5 DJs simultaneously pricked their ears up to it and put it on various hip hop and R&B oddity mixtapes. Back in the 70's the Esso Corporation sponsored the group, fitting too, as the band had taken to fashioning their instruments from 18 gauge steel Esso petroleum drums.

And then of course there is the grandaddy of all steel drum breaks:

20th Century Steel Band - Heaven and Hell is On Earth
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Relentless tambourines and handclaps loaded down with too too much clanging funkiness.