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Weekend Megamixes

I've had the Mastermix site listed to the right in our mp3blogroll for a while now, although it isn't exactly a blog per se. Site was put up by an old school hip hop lover looking to digitize and share his audio cassette collection of electro and London pirate radio recordings (think early Kiss FM).

Interesting mixes there, many with the crackle of signal interference and radio static. Puts me in the mood to throw out some Steinski-ish audio collage hip hop megamixes:

Nubian Crackers - Cracker Beats
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Nice use of Cat Steven's (ahem, Yusuf Islam's) "Was Dog a Doughnut", a diversion from folk music into drum machine programming.

Spankrock - Voila! Mixtape (Track 1)
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They even snuck in some Buddy Holly and Krautrock goodness.

P Brothers - Zulu Beat (Track 10)
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A tribute record to the Africa Islam Zulu Beat radio show from the early 80's. Interview with the P Brothers here.