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McLuhan Follies Uber Alles

Marshall McLuhan - The Medium Is the Massage (Side B)

In your student years you got roped into the cult of McLuhan, something to do with being a doe-eyed liberal arts kid with a love of reading up on the confluence of technology and psychology. Perhaps a cheap subscription to Wired magazine was responsible. But don't kid yourself, your interest in the noosphere was almost directly proportional to the potency of whatever sensimilla strain was wending itself through campus (one even inspiring you to make Rice Krispie treats out of Rice Krispie Treats Cereal).

Not content with devouring all of McLuhan's books, you made a curious discovery working as a minimum wage music librarian. Spotting your very first obscure "break" (nothing but a introductory skit really), you were able to one-up thatr inane goateed roommate prone to excessive chinstroking while waxing obnoxious about DJ Spooky's latest miscarriage.

Those were the best years of your life.

I used to think all the red-eyed zombies archiving, classifying, and resurrecting forgotten art/music were just poor lost souls. It occurs to me now they might not be so unfortunate, everyone fades to dust, but their monkish devotions remain a little longer. Tending to the fire is generally thankless work, wonder what Pierre de Teilhard
be up to if around today?

Brainticket - Era of Technology
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The real question is when will Google become sentient? Better watch what you put in the comments box, I forget, but Mama Brain remembers everything.

Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness
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