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Record Haul: Tussle, B-52's, The Wake

I've found the Housing Works bookstore in Soho has a decent sized cache of used records, but actually going through them is usually a fruitless chore, the place is picked cleaner than a buffalo skeleton in the Mojave desert. I now work somewhat nearby the place, but rarely if ever stop in. Recently got a weird hunch and dropped in one unseasonably warm night after leaving work, within minutes I had stumbled upon the B-52's Mesopotamia, by no means a major unearthing, but felt pretty good as I had been looking for it all last summer.

B-52's - Mesopotamia

"Not exactly New Order" is a fairly dismissive description of The Wake, whether we keep hearing that because they were both on Factory or because of some similarites in their propulsive yet brooding sounds, I'm not really sure. I'm even more confused why I ended up paying $19 for Fact. 60 with a slightly creased cover (with five other eBay bidders in mix), when not even a week later a mint one comes up for $9.99 and draws no bids. Maybe it had something to do with original pressings and reissues?

The Wake - Favour
The Wake - Testament

I had to again fall back on eBay to get the old debut Tussle 12", Troubleman has had this out of print for some time now, and I had already scoured all the local and online shops to no avail. The sick thing is I actually owned the CD some several years ago, but as I'm particularly talented at losing CDs, I finally broke down and got a vinyl copy. If you are stymied in searching for it yourself, e-mail me at, I recently came into contact with someone who has a spare copy.

Tussle - Don't Stop (Stuart Argabright Remix)

Oh, I can't forget to mention Tussle's stunning Chris Johanson cover art pictured below. More about the artist here.