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Can't Put the Genie Back in the Bottle

Funny thing about leaks, once it's out there, it's out there for good. Particularly now, when it seems every other music listener is a junior varsity Steve Albini, doing remasters or mashups in their bedroom. In the last two months we've seen quite a bit of leak mongering, from blogs racing to put up that Britney/DFA atrocity to people straining their ears on 64K Goldfrapp rips. It seems the impetus is to be first, listenability be damned.

Came across this oddity below on a message board, an overenthusiastic fan pieced together a remarkably proficient edit of some new work by The Rapture using Ableton Live (or some such audio program); it appears to be sourced from live recordings of three new songs they may be working on in the studio. I normally wouldn't go for this sort of thing, but it's an incredibly infectious track that portends good things to come.

The Rapture - Live re-edit by DJ Salinger
Apparently sourced from a live video

Speaking of digital shadiness, would someone do me a solid and upload this:

Yello - Bostich (video)

to YouTube for our collective good? It seems they have a pretty comprehensive collection of Yello videos, but no "Bostich". For shame.

I think I've figured out YouTube's business model. From a content angle, they've already outgunned Google Video, their nearest rival. Bloggers and message boarders love this company, essentially, a memorable brand has been created out of a sandcastle of copyright infringement. YouTube can't be making much money off those text ads, but there is value in instantaneous brand building.

Will this be part of Web 2.0 or Dot Com Bubble 2.0? YouTube's business model is one of maximizing visibility and user loyalty in order to sweeten their acquisition price. Watch Rupert Murdoch or some other suitor get itchy for a video solution and overpay these guys up to $45 million. And when their finished pulling down all the DMCA violations, the buyer will be left with a nice library of
amateur karaoke and krumping videos.