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Hushed Static Dirges

Put New Orleans out of your mind for a moment. Though Belong's duo of Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones recorded October Language there pre-Katrina, closer listening reveals intuitions drawn from earlier eras, roiling swamp gas, belches from the primordial ooze, hoarse whispers of galactic background radiation woven into each mutable form. Even if you can push away context, the album as a whole still sounds like a gentle procession of funeary rites, shrouded as they are by bits of digital flotsam.

Belong - October Language
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Is it Live or Memorex? MSP or daisychain of pedal effects? Doesn't really matter, if techie minutiae are the only questions that arise listening to Belong, then you're missing the point entirely. My Bloody Valentine or Fennesz critical namechecks are inevitable, but what do we call this beast? Gauzetronica?

Jane - Berserker
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After unsealing this record, it immediately slipped out of my grasp and onto the floor. I wasn't upset until I saw the deep gouge inflicted upon Side B. Turns out it didn't create a skip, instead, this generous scratch is audibly indistinguishable for the rest of the side, apparently it found a cranny to hide out in amongst Scott Mou's analog ministrations. This introductory track off the Berserker album just kills me, especially Noah Lennox's angelic keening throughout. I find myself repating this sad lullaby in the strangeset of places, waiting rooms, subway stations, still haven't walked into the right kind of echo chamber.